We work directly with leading physicians to develop practical products that are designed to optimize usability and efficacy for medical professionals, improve procedure outcomes and enhance overall patient care.

BoneSeal® Bone Hemostat

Absorbable, synthetic bone hemoastat handles much like bees wax and immediately achieves bone hemostasis while promoting bone growth.

NexStat® Topical Hemostat Powder

All natural, plant-based polysaccharide in an easy-to-use applicator ideal for treating bleeding from Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries.

NexStat Plus® Topical Hemostat Powder

Hemostat powder that is specially formulated with more hydrophillic particles that dehydrate blood cells, resulting in hemoconcentration of platelets.

NexPak® Intranasal Splint

Prevent adhesions in the nasal and sinus cavity while minimizing bleeding and edema with a dissolvable, all natural foam splint.

NexFoam® Topical Hemostat Sponge

Advanced plant-based polymer sponge developed for treating bleeding from Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries and other ENT procedures.

PosiSep® Hemostat Dressing/
Intranasal Splint

Patient-comfortable foam splints made from naturally occurring chitosan-based polymers available in two platforms to prevent adhesions and minimize bleeding in the nasal cavity.

ExcelArrest®XT Hemostatic Patch

Scientifically proven technology designed to accelerate the clotting process to control bleeding from the skin, including vascular access and percutaneous catheter access sites.

BleedArrest® ER Foam Sponge

Patient-comfortable foam sponges made from advanced plant-based polymers for treating emergency epistaxis