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At Hemostasis, LLC, we partner with leading physicians to develop innovative technologies designed to optimize usability and efficacy, to improve patient outcomes and enhance overall patient care. We strive to continuously innovate and improve.

PosiSep® X

Constructed from our proprietary NOCC chitosan polymer technology, the PosiSep® X hemostat dressing/intranasal splint provides both superior performance and patient comfort. PosiSep® X is ultra-unique in its placement, ability to conform to any sinus anatomy, its performance, and even in the way it is most easily removed.

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Our Technologies

One of Hemostasis’ core technologies is a naturally occurring polysaccharide derivative of deacetylated chitin, Chitosan. Chitosan is derived from chitin using various methods of proprietary processes in order to obtain the desired degree of deacetylation and molecular weight.

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Our Products

Along with a variety of bleeding control and wound healing technologies, Hemostasis is a leading manufacturer of the groundbreaking product PosiSep® brands of sinus spacer/hemostat technologies within the ENT space.   Our PosiSep® X comes as a firm sponge and expands after placement in the sinus cavity and hydration with saline and provides longer term separation (7-10 days) while our PosiSep® hemostat spacer provides a faster dissolving, faster clearing product with 2-3 days of tissue separation.

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