Our Chitosan Based Technologies

Hemostasis has developed a variety of chitosan-based technologies, including NO carboxymethylated chitosan in addition to other proprietary modified chitosans. Depending upon the surgical application, different chitosan technologies may be utilized to suit the individual requirements or preferences of the surgeon.

Chitosan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide derivative of deacetylated chitin. Chitin can be obtained from a variety of sources including the exoskeletal structure of crustaceans (crabs, shrimps, diatoms, etc.). Chitosan is derived from chitin using various processes of sodium hydroxide washing to obtain the desired degree of deacetylation and molecular weight.

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Scientists and surgeons have evaluated our novel chitosan platform for healing and hemostasis in the sinus cavity as well as severe bleeding in porcine femoral and acute liver models. Several studies have been published regarding its effectiveness in the following lethal injury models:

Use of a modified chitosan dressing in a hypothermic Coagulopathic grade V liver injury model.

Evaluation of a new hemostatic agent in a porcine grade V liver injury mode.

A Novel Polymeric absorption enhancer for the oral delivery of macromolecules.

Development of an injectable sustained release formulation of morphine rat model.

Preventions of pericardial adhesions with NOCC in rabbit model – Journal of INvestigative Surgery

Prevention of post op adhesions with the chitin derivative NOCC – Krause-ZAzanis

Prevention of post op peritoneal adhesions by NOCC – Kenndy-Lee Halifax

Prevention of postsurgical adhesions with NOCC – Costain-Kennedy-Ciona-TimLee

Rat Hypersensitivity Study

Reduction in post op surgical adhesion formation after cardiac surgery – Acquired Cardiovascular Disease

Reduction in post surgical adhesions formation after cardiac surgery in rabbit model – cardiopulmonary Support and Phys

Reduction in postop adhesions formation after an abdominal operations – Halifax Novascotia

Reduction of post operative adhesions by NO-Carboxymethylchitosan – A Pilot Study – Journal of the American Association of Gyn Lap 2004

Reduction of postop adhesions by NOCC a pilot study – Fertility and Sterility