Accel® Absorbable Hemostatic Powder

Different Platforms for Your Individual Needs

Coming soon: Accel is a implantable plant-based polysaccharide hemostat powder designed for a variety of surgical applications. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE US.

Nexstat 3g Applicator

The powder in Accel works to dehydrate blood cells upon contact for wound sites, and aid in the natural clotting process. Accel is intended for use as a hemostat for moderate to severe bleeding wounds. Accel will be available for a variety of surgical applications, and can be applied using our flex tips for each application. Accel’s remarkable ability to clot blood, leaves behind a stable, fibrin clot and works with the bodies’ own natural healing process to accelerate the clotting cascade.

This video shows various solid organ injuries to which Accel has been applied. Hemostasis was successfully achieved in the moderate to severe range within 5 minutes.  After 30 minutes, each Accel clot was removed from the injury (approximately 6 clots) and in all cases, a visible fibrin seal had been left behind.


  • Biocompatible – made from 100% plant-based polysaccharides
  • No mixing or additional prep time necessary
  • No special storage conditions required
  • Easy to use applicator

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