NexStat® Plus Topical Hemostat Powder

Different Platforms for Your Individual Needs

NexStat® Plus Topical Hemostat Power is intended for use under the care of a health professional as a topical dressing for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe bleeding wounds.  

Nexstat 3g Applicator

NexStat® Plus Topical Hemostat Powder is specially formulated with more hydrophilic particles that absorb up to five times their volume. The ultra-absorbent particles quickly dehydrate blood cells, resulting in hemoconcentration of platelets and serum proteins to limit and control bleeding.

For detailed information regarding indications for use, warnings and precautions, see Instructions for Use.


  • Easy to use applicator allows precise application for hard-to-reach surgical wounds.
  • Biocompatible – made from 100% plant-based polysaccharides.
  • Versatile – multiple flex tips provided for each application.
  • No mixing or additional time necessary.
  • No special storage conditions required.


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