Vectra FDrug Delivery Micro-sponge

Designed specifically for providing localized drug delivery in the sinus frontal ostia

Vectra puts localized drug delivery in the hands of surgeons. Vectra was developed specifically to allow surgeons to administer medicinal substances of their choice to treat nasal disorders.

Vectra Sinus™

It is well known that localized drug delivery reduces the need for postoperative interventions in sinus surgeries and is more desirable than systemic drug delivery. However, it has been challenging to provide localized drug delivery for extended periods of time to many sinus locations, especially the frontal ostia. Vectra revolutionizes that. Vectra places localized drug delivery in the hands of the surgeon. 

  • Vectra Device
    • Tubular design with lumen
    • Compressed and sheathed in dry state 
    • Preloaded on delivery tool 
    • Dissolves in 3-6 days 
  • Delivery Tool
    • Fully Stainless Steel for strength 
    • Perforated tip holds Vectra device 
    • 70° bend for easy placement in frontal
  • Method of Operation 
    • Delivery tool provides conduit for drug delivery from syringe to Vectra 
    • Patented outer layer sheath protects Vectra from expanding prematurely 
    • Vectra expands to conform to the ostia anatomy 
    • Vectra remains in ostia when tool is removed 
    • Drug is delivered to tissue in contact with Vectra over time 


For detailed information regarding indications for use, warnings and precautions, see Instructions for Use.


  • Designed for localized drug delivery 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easily placed and hydrated in the frontal ostial in both operating room and clinic settings 
  • Insertion tool provides easy, accurate placement; and drug delivery to the micro-sponge 
  • Patented tubular design maintains an open lumen between the sinus and nasal cavity 
  • Dissolves away in 3-6 days 
  • No special storage or refrigeration required
  • Affordable 


Vectra Delivers™

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