Biocompatible Plant-Based Polymers

Understanding that not every point of bleeding is the same, there is not one “silver bullet” hemostat.  We have found that KOL’s within the various markets we serve, require a variety of technologies and platforms to deal with the wide array of bleeding situations they face on a day to day basis. Hemostasis has gone to great lengths to survey various surgical markets and to understand the needs of various surgeons and their staff within these segments. Our desire is to be the world’s most advanced hemostat manufacturer with the largest offering of hemostat technologies and product.

Hemostasis is an innovator in the development and manufacturing of natural plant-based hemostat technologies and has developed a large variety of products based on these technologies for various markets and surgical applications.

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Our NexStat® Topical Hemostat Powder, currently cleared in the U.S. for topical surgical procedures such as FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery), provide surgeons with a diverse range of excellent hemostat technologies suited for many ENT procedures. We also offer NexPak®, a plant-based intranasal splint.